Lacrosse has roots dating back to one thousand years ago, evolving out of Native American games to become the modern sport that we know. Lacrosse is understood to have emerged from a variety of similar sports played in Indigenous North American societies, dating as far back as 1000 BCE. The mark of Lacrosse has evolved since then, but it remains very close to the spirit of the way the game was played by Native Americans centuries ago. While Native American villagers were probably playing some version of Lacrosse throughout most of the 17th century, the game was not formally documented until French colonist Jean de Brebeuf did so in 1636.

According to the story, a version of the sport, Lacrosse, was played during the 17th century in an area that is now known as Canada. The lacrosse game, the oldest known sport played in North America, was originally a non-sport altogether. One of America’s oldest team sports, Lacrosse, likely developed as early as the 12th century but has undergone numerous changes since. Lacrosse, the oldest team sport in America, dates back to the 1100s AD, when Haudenosaunee, or Iroquois, played Lacrosse in the region that is today New York City and Canada, which borders the state.

The game became more formalised by written rules in 1867, at which point it became a competitive sport at elite prep schools and colleges, mainly in the Northeastern United States. In 1867, the National Lacrosse Association was formed, and the game was introduced in England. Over the following decades, Lacrosse would grow and evolve into a game that was popular in Canada at first, eventually becoming the national sport. Players demonstrated their skills overseas, including one time while being entertained by the British Queen Victoria, who was said to have greatly enjoyed the experience.

Early versions of the game did not have an enormous amount of rules, and playing one game might include hundreds of players and a half-mile-long pitch. There are various ways of playing modern games, such as field lax or box lacrosse; however, many versions of lacrosse were unique to specific tribes during the first years of the game. Wikipedia reports that almost four centuries ago, the first European settlers modified the North American Indian game of stickball dating from the 1200s to become almost exactly like what is played in modern-day lacrosse. In many Native American societies/tribes, the stickball game was frequently part of religious ceremonies, played to resolve conflicts, heal the sick, develop strong, vigorous men, and train for warfare.

The Lacrosse game continues to be a popular sport globally, with the growth of the Premier Lacrosse League only adding to that. Players are considering turning professional, college students are making the most of their skillsets, and the lacrosse game is only growing in reputation and stature. As its popularity grows, more players are discovering and enjoying this fast-paced, thrilling game – a sport with one of the most exciting histories in North America.