As mentioned, there are currently nine teams in MLL that also have their stadium or arena nine teams in their MLL. From 2012 to 2015, they played with eight teams, and in 2016, another team joined them, so there were nine teams. Six teams played a 14-game season and then apparently a championship final in the first two years.

As of today, the MLL is the oldest professional hockey league in North America. Since 2001, MLL has continued to lead hockey in the mainstream of competitive team sports. Some former MLB hockey players have moved to Premier League hockey, but according to Chesapeake Bay Hawks owner Brendan Kelly, the MLL has done an excellent job fielding talented players. Instead of heading to cities like Denver, the Lacrosse Premier League played its second bubble outside Salt Lake City, hosting a 14-game group season to determine the seed for the knockout round that should ultimately be the champion.

As the new league sprouted, Lyle Thompson signed a multi-year contract with the MLB Chesapeake Bay Hawks, won the 2019 MLL MVP award and championship, and watched most of the sport’s top Talent plays elsewhere. Lyle Thompson led MLB in points (73) and goals (46), captained the All-Star Game and helped Chesapeake win the 2019 MLL Championship.

Rabil and Lyle Thompson star in the league’s new expansion team, the Cannons LC, renamed the MLL Boston Cannons after the two companies merged. The launch of PLL was tough on the Lizards line-up, as many of the stars left for PLL.

The Bayhawks have made the playoffs in all five seasons, making four league appearances and winning the Steinfeld Cup in 2002 and 2005. The Bayhawks have won over 100 regular-season games, 12 of 16 in seven league games, and have earned a five league record in Major League Lacrosse.

All games are broadcast on NBC, NBC Sports Network, or the network’s sports streaming service. ESPN will air all games on their networks, an essential component of the deal.

We’ve all seen MLL teams twice, and surprises await us at every turn. It can be assumed that some of these teams will join the PLL later. Players like Lyle Thompson, Andrew Q, Miles Jones, Stephen Kelly, Josh Byrne and many more Bayhawks will play for their respective Premier League lacrosse teams in the area. The Baltimore Orioles aren’t the only local pro team gearing up for the start of the season.

The Chaos won the 2021 PLL Championship after being the runners up in the last season, falling to Whipsnakes LC in the finals.