They say that if you have to win, win it in style!

There is something gravitating about fashion and style in sports that just pulls you towards it. Maybe that is why a highly fashionable club like PSG has been the fastest growing club in the last decade.

Look at Neymar or Cristiano Ronaldo. They are highly successful athletes but they also have a swag about them. Maybe winning in style does matter!

For today, however, let’s put our focus on something similar and look at how the PLL clubs use style and fashion for making their headgear.

Here is a list of the best helmets used in the PPL in 2021!

Atlas Lacrosse Club

The Atlas has perhaps one of the best color schemes in sports. A brilliant electric blue combined with cream and purple accents creates a one-of-a-kind appearance that few have seen before.

The Atlas horns carved over the sides make this eye-catching blue helmet stand out in a crowd. It’s without a doubt one of the greatest helmets in the PLL right now.

Chrome Lacrosse Club

last year, the Chrome decided to shake things up by removing the hideous wing design from their helmets.

Chrome helmets have taken the lacrosse world by storm for a few years now, and Chrome has found a way to reinvent this design while still feeling authentic. Chrome has committed to slapping its primary emblem on the side of the team’s helmet, and boy is it lovely.

Waterdogs Lacrosse Club

These helmets were undoubtedly influenced by the adage “look nice, feel good, play good.”

They have one of the most flashy helmets ever seen on a lacrosse field, and they are now one of the best in the PLL. While I do not believe the Waterdogs are properly utilizing their color scheme, there is no doubt that these helmets hit the nail on the head.

Even if you showed this helmet to a non-lacrosse fan, they’d have to respect the Waterdogs’ drip.

Whipsnakes Lacrosse Club

This color scheme should not work in any way, shape, or form on paper. The Whipsnakes, on the other hand, found a method to make teal and red not seem tacky.

The helmet looks great with the team’s uniforms. I believe this helmet has already made its way into history due to its magnificent appearance and the Whips’ winning record.

Archers Lacrosse Club

Not all white helmets are created equal, and the Archers’ white-out helmets stand out in the PLL. Some may regard this helmet as “boring” or “unoriginal,” but those people do not understand how to appreciate a clean, stylish appearance. It’s admirable the Archers did not attempt to make this appear showy.

This style is timeless. There isn’t a single thing about this helmet that I would change.