The University of Delaware women’s lacrosse team, a historically black educational institution, Delaware State University, was stopped by Georgia law enforcement. Their belongings were searched for drugs that players, coaches, and representatives refused university and state. Scandalous example of racial profiling in Savannah, Georgia. A historically black college president accused Georgia sheriff’s deputies of intimidating and humiliating the school’s women’s lacrosse team when MPs stopped a bus of athletes and ransacked drugs. DSU lacrosse players claim racial profile at DSU lacrosse team traffic stop The Delaware Women’s Lacrosse Team was driving through Liberty County, Georgia, when Liberty County deputies stopped buses and searched their personal belongings. In a YouTube video posted by a lacrosse team member, two officers on the team bus are seen telling the team that they are going to search their bags.

The sheriffs were replacing the drug dog, so they boarded the bus and informed the team that they would be searching their bags for drugs. He wrote that officers ransacked the drug-addicted dog before allowing the group to return to the street. Within five minutes, according to his trainer, one of the team members drew attention to the officers pulling backpacks, team bags and other items from under the team bus – for inspection by a drug addict dog. Deputies said that K-9 alerted them to possible drugs, which allowed them to search the bus and its items.

Anderson wrote that sheriff’s agents and the addict’s dog searched the bus for 20 minutes, adding that they were eventually allowed to continue home. Before the search, one of the police officers allegedly told the students that recreational marijuana use is illegal in Georgia. Bowman noted that when the assistants boarded the bus, they informed these students and coaches that a luggage search would be.

Bowman said MPs did not know at first that the bus passengers were from the university due to its height and tinted windows. During a news conference Tuesday afternoon, Black Liberty County Sheriff William Bowman told reporters that lawmakers did not know the bus was carrying the institution’s women’s lacrosse team before they boarded the bus. The Liberty County Sheriff’s office did not see the incident perceived as racial.

After requesting Jones to unlock it, Liberty County Sheriff’s Office officials began pulling players’ bags from both the vehicle’s cargo compartment to search. A drug-sniffing dog was on the scene, according to police. Delaware State coach Pamella Jenkins termed the situation “extremely traumatising” and praised her players for being “composed.” The incident occurred during this year in which bomb threats have routinely targeted Delaware State and other Historically Black Colleges and Universities.